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New York, USA

125 Greenwich

Mixed-use residential and retail

Rafael Viñoly Architects

360,000 square feet
(33,450 square meters)

>1,020 M $


In 2014, New York City’s most adept developers understood that Manhattan’s Financial District was on the verge of a renaissance. With over one million square feet of high-end retail and restaurants scheduled to open by 2016, this neighborhood is quickly becoming one of Downtown’s most desirable places to live and work. Bizzi capitalized on this momentum, acquiring the property at 125 Greenwich Street and firmly securing its place in the next phase of Downtown development.
The developers at Bizzi expedited construction by leveraging their extensive knowledge of New York City zoning laws to use the prior owner’s foundation permit. During this approval process, they hired world-renowned firm Rafael Viñoly Architects to redesign the building. While many developers were focused on developing large family units, Bizzi chose an alternate approach when it came to 125 Greenwich. This 88-story luxury condominium will offer 275 smaller units, ranging from 400 square foot studios to 2,500 square foot three-bedroom apartments.