Carlo Masseroli

Carlo Masseroli is the General Manager of the project Milanosesto. Mr. Masseroli has more than 15 years of experience in real estate development. He gained wide experience on complex organizational structures and strong relational abilities to communicate with institutions and investors. He also has technical and analytical skills in understanding and monitoring market trends, projects and communication plans.

Mr. Masseroli was the Territory Governance Councillor in Milan. Main projects areas: Territory Governance Plan, Big Urban Projects, Expo, Public property increase in value and Urban center.

He was also the CEO in Masseroli Associati and worked as consultant for: BNP Paribas, InvestiRE SGR, Beni Stabili S.p.A. sgr, Beni Stabili Siiq, Risanamento S.p.A., TED x city 2.0, Finlombardia S.p.A..

During his career he also held the positions of CEO, Chairman, Board Member.

Carlo Masseroli is a management engineer.