Chief Executive Officer

Davide Bizzi

Davide Bizzi is the Chief Executive Officer of Bizzi & Partners Development, a global real estate development firm he founded in 2000. Under his leadership, the firm has developed and marketed over 30 million square feet of commercial and residential properties in Europe and The Americas, and has been recognized for its expertise in asset management, trading and enhancing the value of complex real estate portfolios. As a result of Mr. Bizzi’s passion for fine architecture and design, as well as his commitment to the development of exceptional properties, Bizzi & Partners frequently collaborates with some of todays most talented and celebrated architects. Mr. Bizzi was previously a partner in and the CEO of Pro Kapital Group, a leading publicly traded property development company in the Baltic region. He began his career in his family’s real estate business over 20 years ago after receiving a Business Degree from Bocconi University in Milan. Mr. Bizzi was also CEO and a partner in Bi&Di Real Estate S.p.A., a real estate development and trading company he co-founded in 2000 and that operated in Italy, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, the Baltic Republics, and Russia.