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Riga, Latvia

Elisabetes 3

Class A office space

Studio Dini and STATS Projekts

3,200 square meters
(34,500 square feet)

Elisabetes 3 is a historic property located in Latvia’s prestigious capital city, Riga. The district is characterized by highly regarded architecture, low traffic density, and close to Riga’s historic center and parks. Originally built in 1899, Elisabetes 3 was designed by architect Karl Johann Felso with its façade designed by sculptor August Folz. Formerly used as a hotel, the building has an excellent view over a park and the River Daugav. Bizzi & Partners completed the renovation into high-end office space in 2010. Studio Dini, an architecture firm based in Milan, and STATS Projekts, a local Latvian firm, created the renovation plans while the construction company RE&RE managed the implementation of the plans.