Massimo Filipponi

Massimo Filipponi is a civilian and environmental engineer and has a dual role within the group, such as:
Uniform Responsible of the Procedure for the design and procurement of public works to be developed in the integrated development program of the former Falck areas;
Director and Coordinator of the Office of Management of Remedial Work of Ex Falck Areas.

Filipponi has more than 34 years of experience in developing waste management, waste reclamation, waste management and public utilities management (drinking water and waste management). He has gained extensive experience over the years through the assumption of responsibilities within private and public-private companies such as: designer, job director and technical director, delegate and job manager, general manager, administrator delegate. The assumption of different roles and responsibilities allowed him to mature experiences within the project finance for public works and services over time.

Over the years he has been a consultant and manager of important companies such as: ENI, Italprefabbricati, Cremonini Group, Rome Airport, Italimpa, Rieti Province, Lecco Province, Tad Energy and Environment Group, Cremonini Group, Finlombardia spa group Unieco, Suez group, ASI S.p.A. consortium, Severn Trent Italia, Revest S.p.A., ASM S.p.A., Nuove Acque S.p.A., SII S.p.A., as well as a test engineer in major public works (Chiusi lake reclamation works, low waste treatment plant Casentino, works to drain off the plants of the island of Elba).

He has also been a managing director of important companies in the construction and management of waste treatment plants and a member of several board of directors (Futura S.p.A., Bioecologia S.r.l., Sienambiente S.p.A., Scarlino energia S.p.A.).